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Expand and accelerate your research with a modular multichannel PGSTAT

The Multi Autolab/M204 system is designed to fit your needs, today and tomorrow. Each M204 module is a completely independent potentiostat/ galvanostat, with 20 V compliance voltage and 400 mA maximum current, allowing you to perform different measurements on each channel at the
same time.

  • Customizable modular design suitable for any experimental requirement
  • Add additional modules and accessories and can be added at any time
  • Trigger capability connects other devices
  • Flexible and powerful NOVA software control with shared multi-user control

Diagram Multi.png

In addition to the M204 potentiostat/galvanostat modules, the Multi Autolab instruments can accommodate optional modules, providing for a completely flexible setup.

Add-on modules include:

  • FRA32M module for EIS measurements
  • Dual-mode bipotentiostat module for bipotentiostat applications
  • pX1000 module for pH or pX value measurement during electrochemical experiments 
  • Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance (EQCM) model to measure mass change per unit area
  • MUX module for sequential experiments on multiple cells or multiple working electrodes
  • BOOSTER10A module for high-current applications