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Monitoring Polymer Processing Additives (PPA)

New ProfilerF Total Fluorine Analyzer allows measurement of PPA additives in polymers

Polymer Processing Additives (PPA) are commonly used in plastics manufacturing to improve the quality of extruded products such as films, pipes, cables, and fibers. Even a small amount of PPA has a dramatic impact, as they allow the melted polymer to slip through dies and molds more easily and cleanly. This results in higher product quality and better output, which drives efficiency and savings into the polymer production process.

PPA are fluorinated compounds that are added to a polymer resin at a concentration of a few hundred ppm. Adding the right concentration of PPA additives is of great importance to PPA manufacturers, resin blenders and compounders, and final product manufacturers because it ensures optimized process efficiency and throughput without adding the unnecessary cost of too much additive.


Download this white paper to learn:

  • Why non-targeted analysis of fluorine compounds is gaining importance
  • How common analytical methods like Parr Bomb or XRF present challenges
  • How a new, disruptive technology ensures product consistency and process efficiency

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