Moisture Matters: Accurate Water Determination in Battery Materials

Water impacts battery materials at various levels, ranging from the molecular structure to overall performance. It can react with salts, causing corrosion and short circuiting and, ultimately, a reduction in battery life. Karl Fischer titration, known for its accuracy in measuring trace amounts of water, is an ideal method for monitoring water content in various battery components. This includes not only cathode and anode raw materials, but also electrolytes and separators used in the battery manufacturing process. 
During this webinar, Dr. Roman Neufeld, Sr. Research Scientist from Honeywell, will discuss recommended coulometric KF reagents for battery electrolytes with and without reactive additives. Eduardo Simões, Product Specialist at Metrohm USA, will discuss how to analyze battery materials using Karl Fischer titration and provide an overview of other titration battery applications. 

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