Analysis of Emerging Water Contaminants using Ion Chromatography

The constant drip of news stories regarding PFAS compounds and their impact on the environment have put them in the spotlight. However, PFAS compounds are only a part of the threat from harmful contaminants that are released into the environment. Beyond these compounds, other emerging contaminants include disinfection by-products, oxyhalides and haloacetic acid compounds, and many others that need to be monitored closely. Robust, accurate and sensitive analytical testing methods are required to meet increasing regulations, with lower allowable limits for these contaminants.

In this webinar, Dr. Shane Snyder, an internationally recognized environmental testing expert with over 20 years of experience studying the impact of emerging environmental contaminants, provides case studies to examine the role that ion chromatography (IC) plays in the analysis of these compounds. 

We also hear from Dr. Jay Ghandi as he demonstrates how IC can be implemented with a variety of sample preparation and detection techniques. From sample combustion to ICP-MS detection, Dr. Gandhi will demonstrate the utility of IC to achieve higher recovery and sensitivity in the measurement of emerging contaminants.

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