Automating Sample Cleanup of Unpredictable Wastewaters

Ashley Clarke knows that wastewater coming into a treatment plant is unpredictable and her analytical laboratory at NEW Water has to be flexible and ready to handle nearly 40 million gallons of wastewater every day.

The problem with sensitive analytical instruments is that they require a relatively clean matrix in order to perform a complete analysis, so many labs spend time filtering samples or resort to less specific techniques that provide less information. In this webinar, Ashley shares how her laboratory was able to automate sample cleanup, allowing for direct injection of difficult wastewater samples into their ion chromatography (IC) system.

Automation has financial benefits as well, Ashley also talks about the payoff from transitioning tedious manual titration methods to multi-analyte IC. Jay Sheffer, Product Specialist from Metrohm USA, then discusses how to leverage this automated sample preparation technology to ensure effective and efficient regulatory compliance.

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