Biomedical Applications of Raman Spectroscopy

Vaccine development, disease diagnosis and early medical intervention are all supported by Raman spectroscopy. This tool provides rich, chemically-specific data that enables point-of-care utilization and aids in the research and development of new diagnostic tools and therapies.

The clinical trends of automation and patient comfort have accelerated the development of Raman technology for minimally-invasive sampling and data analysis. While traditional approaches to surgical intervention for tumors rely on imagining techniques and trained surgical pathologists, Raman spectroscopic methods rooted in chemometrics can be implemented for fast and reliable cancer diagnosis within a surgical setting.

The regulation and quality control of vaccines are integral to their manufacturing and their overall success. Raman spectroscopy can be used for identification of vaccine raw materials, adjuvants, drug material and the final vaccine product.

Watch this educational webinar where we hear Kristen Frano, Applications Manager at B&W Tek, and Dr. Adam J. Hopkins, Spectroscopy Product Manager at Metrohm USA, explain how Raman spectroscopy is an invaluable tool for both research and development in the areas of cancer diagnostics and vaccine development. 

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