Combining Electrochemistry and Spectroscopy Produces Powerful Results

Spectroelectrochemistry (SEC) is a powerful electrochemical research tool that allows you to simultaneously change electrochemical reaction conditions and monitor these changes with spectroscopy. This hyphenated technique is especially useful to those in the disciplines of materials science, biotechnology, pharma, corrosion, energy and fundamental research exploring interfacial reactions and redox processes.

Recent developments in instrumentation have made SEC more accessible. Integrated systems combine the best features of electrochemistry with UV-VIS, Near IR or Raman spectroscopy while reducing the need for comprehensive expertise of each technique.

During this interactive webinar, Dr. David Ibañez, Spectroelectrochemistry Product Specialist at Metrohm DropSens will introduce the electrochemical and spectroscopic measurements possible with SEC. Dr. Kia Williams, Electrochemistry Product Manager at Metrohm USA, will then discuss application case studies of the technique.

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