Fast, Simple and Sensitive Electrochemical Biosensing using Screen-Printed Electrodes

The demand for low-cost, disposable devices with short response times capable of performing routine electrochemical biosensing has increased dramatically. Primarily driven by the medical diagnosis and food fields, disposable screen-printed electrodes provide fast, sensitive detection and quantification of various analytes in complex samples.  

Screen-printed electrodes (SPEs) are preferable over other types of electrodes for these applications as they can be fabricated from several different materials, made in diverse geometries and multiplexed formats and offer the possibility for mass production at a low fabrication cost. In addition, the small size of these electrodes enables a very small volume of sample to be used for analysis. The planar shape of SPEs facilitates the incorporation of magnetic bioconjugates by simple attraction using a magnet positioned under the electrode.

In this webinar Dr. Susana Campuzano will demonstrate SPEs-based electrochemical biosensors for the rapid, sensitive and selective biosensing of analytes in food and clinical samples. Learn about the simultaneous detection of multiple components such as adulterants and allergens in food samples as well as the analysis of cancer reporters in the clinical lab.  

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