Five Data Sets Your Refinery Process is Probably Missing

Gigabytes of data are used daily to optimize processes across the entire refinery, but if the data quality is poor then poor decisions will be made. Manual data collection adds even more challenges and can reduce yield and product quality.

Process analyzers offer several distinct advantages over manual data collection because they give real-time results that allow for optimization. These analyzers turn data into practical information that can be used to improve safety, efficiency and profitability. This webinar will take you on a virtual tour through the refinery and show the key places and operations where real-time decisions are often overlooked.

Join this webinar to hear Larry Tucker, a member of ASTM committee D02 Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels and Lubricants and Director of Norms and Standards at Metrohm USA, discuss the key areas that are often overlooked when optimizing a petrochemical processes. Kraig Kmiotek, Product Specialist at Metrohm USA, will discuss real-world solutions and provide examples of successful process integrations that deliver enhanced results.

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