From Benchtop to Process: Implementing Online Process Ion Chromatography for Corrosion Monitoring

If water is a part of your manufacturing process, your plant infrastructure is at risk from corrosion. This impact can range from costly repairs to unscheduled plant shutdowns. Despite the risk, many companies are not aware of the negative impact corrosion can have on their plant, production and profitability.

Multiparameter, on-line analysis provides continuous monitoring of corrosive ions and corrosion inhibitors, giving you the true corrosion picture for your plant and dramatically decreasing your risk. The addition of process analysis provides both consistent and reliable results throughout the plant, making any corrosion monitoring program more robust.

Listen as Wade Rohland, Vice President at Zerust Industrial Products Development, describes his experience using ion chromatography (IC) for corrosion monitoring and uses a real case study to demonstrate how a multiparameter corrosion profile provided a better understanding of metalworking fluids, preventing corrosion events.

Kraig Kmiotek, Product Specialist Process Analytics at Metrohm USA, then demonstrates how IC can be automated, providing increased analytical precision and accuracy of any corrosion management system. 

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