From Extraction to Injection, The Journey of Complex Food Ingredients

The food matrix has become more complex with new raw materials and ingredients needed to meet consumer demand for products with higher health benefits and stricter contamination limits. Ion chromatography is a key technique for evaluating various anions, cations and sugars in food ingredients, but getting the sample into a homogenous form where the analyte is available for testing can be a challenge.

During this webinar we hear Atef Ebid, Principal Chemist at Ingredion, work through sample preparation when single extraction is not enough. Drawing from his 15+ years of industry experience, Atef gives his perspective on how to evaluate the sample matrix when you’re using ion chromatography. Jay Sheffer, Product Specialist at Metrohm USA, complements Atef’s presentation with the latest advancements in ion chromatography that support sample preparation, good peak resolution and allow for laboratory automation.

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