Guaranteeing Product Quality: NIR Inspection of Polyols, Isocyantaes and Silicones


Incoming materials inspection, or raw materials identification (RMID), is critical to the production of high-quality industrial products. While spectroscopic RMID tests are often used in the chemical industry, they are less common in the polymer industry because many of the samples are not well-suited to commonly deployed technologies like Raman and FTIR This forces companies to either trust the label or rely on traditional wet-chemical tests for materials testing.

During this webinar, Omar Sallouh, Head of Quality Assurance & Process Engineering at Rampf Polymer Solutions GmbH & Co. Kg presents a faster and safer approach for quality testing of polyols, isocyanates, and silicones. He has successfully implemented Near-Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy in the QC laboratory to rapidly identify incoming materials and quantify their critical quality attributes.

Mr. Sallouh joins Dr. Adam J. Hopkins, Spectroscopy Product Manager at Metrohm USA, who will give a brief introduction to NIR, focusing on its advantages for material identification and comparing with alternative technologies. 


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