Guidelines for Implementing Spectroscopic Process Analytical Technology

Process analytical technology (PAT) is more than online analysis for full scale production. It is a tool that is applicable from product development through scale-up and into manufacturing. In this informational webinar, Debbie Peru, Principal at DP Spectroscopy & Training, will draw from over 35 years of experience transitioning products from the research and development phase to full scale production with spectroscopic PAT to demystify the path for these technologies across the production cycle.

We will explore the costs, benefits, and regulatory implications of using spectroscopy both in existing and future production. This will provide a framework for optimizing technology deployment in the research lab, the quality lab, or at the production line. Dr. Adam J. Hopkins, Spectroscopy Product Manager at Metrohm USA, will then briefly explore the Metrohm and B&W Tek spectroscopy products and how they fit within the PAT framework.

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