IC-ICP/MS Analysis of Trace Chromate

By dedicating themselves to the problem, academics and analytical chemistry experts have delivered a creative, practical and incredibly effective approach to chromium analysis that doesn’t sacrifice selectivity or sensitivity. Since chromium can exist in two forms, with one of them highly toxic, separation of the different chromium species is a critical first step in the analysis followed by use of an optimal detector.

In this webinar, we hear Chris LeValley, chemistry major and research contributor at the University of Wisconsin Parkside, on how he combined IC with ICP-MS to develop a robust and sensitive method for determination of chromium (VI) and chromium (III) in tap water. In addition to understanding how to run the hyphenated system, he also shares information regarding detection limits, spike & recovery results and system stability. A basic overview of IC and ICP/MS is given, with an emphasis on how the two techniques complement each other.

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