Improving Polymer Analysis by Deploying Benchtop Spectrometers for Improved Process Control

Traditional polymer analysis techniques such as titration, melting point or viscometry are time-consuming and often provide inadequate data, leaving process engineers and production managers with an incomplete picture of the chemical process. This problem then flows directly to the bottom line where the lack of information leads to a less efficient process and product quality issues.

In this educational webcast, Tim Bauer, a Sr. R&D Engineer for Process Development at AdvanSix, explores how he implemented near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to significantly improve nylon production. Increasing the data fidelity within each process train led to a 25% reduction in waste, improved forecasting for both material demand and production quantity, and a higher quality product. Dr. Adam Hopkins, the Spectroscopy Product Manager at Metrohm, discusses how NIR spectrometers can be deployed both in the QC lab and the process stream to increase safety and efficiency.

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