Ion Chromatography in Pharmaceutical R&D 

The pharmaceutical industry must meet rigorous standards for method development to ensure the quality, effectiveness, and safety of drugs. Even so, optimizing pharmaceutical processes against the backdrop of stringent regulatory requirements doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

In this webinar, Zoe Yin from Sigilion Therapeutics shares how her high throughput lab developed a fit-for purpose method using Quality-by-Design (QbD) to meet internal process development needs. Zoe provides an evaluation of different techniques and discuss the payoffs, associated with transitioning from outsourced ICP-MS testing to in-house implementation of ion chromatography (IC). Jay Sheffer, Product Specialist from Metrohm USA, then provides an overview of IC and discusses techniques for improving cation separations.

If you’re new to the technique, learn how IC can be evaluated against factors that are important to your lab. If you’re already using ion chromatography, learn how to optimize your method development.

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