Keep Refining: Implementation and Optimization of Petrochemical Titration Methods

Life in the petrochemical laboratory is usually described by tight deadlines, high sample throughput, strict safety and high quality standards. The demand for providing reliable results quickly can be overwhelming and, all too often, there’s little or no time for method development.  Since automatic titrations are an integral part of any petrochemical laboratory, proper application implementation and method optimization are crucial for success.

Have you ever wondered which method is most suitable for surfactant titrations? Which electrode is best for your non-aqueous titration? Or if there are any options for automatic titrations with a colorimetric endpoint? Watch this webinar to hear a presentation and discussion around the best practices for common petrochemical titration applications. Dr. Scott Segro, Titration Applications Specialist, will provide tips for optimizing methods to generate faster results and increased instrument uptime.

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