Mastering Tricks for Improving Chromatography in Difficult Samples


Ion chromatography, a crucial method for separating and quantifying ionic components, faces complexities in diverse sample matrices. To meet stringent analysis standards and ensure IC component longevity, sample pretreatment is essential. Samples with elevated particulate loads, extreme pH, colloids or high cation concentrations jeopardize chromatographic integrity, potentially reducing column lifespan. Considerations extend to IC-incompatible matrices, like those involving organic solvents, and scenarios requiring ultra-trace analyses with preconcentration. 


While manual methods exist, the revolutionary shift to inline automation for sample preparation promises increased efficiency, throughput, prolonged column lifespan and notable enhancements in data accuracy and reproducibility. In this webinar, Sylvia Singh, Ion Chromatography Applications Specialist at Metrohm USA, will unravel the intricacies and significant benefits of inline sample preparation for analytical processes. 


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