Modern Methods for Corrosion Prevention and Analysis

Billions of dollars are spent annually on the effects of corrosion, so accurate and efficient methods to monitor and prevent corrosion are critical to safety and productivity in most industries.  Compared to traditional corrosion analysis methods that offer a qualitative overview of the process, electrochemistry provides quantitative insight into the corrosion process.  These electrochemical tests allow scientist to analyze corrosion failure and mechanisms and are most cost-effective and less time consuming.  Insights from quantitative, electrochemical tests can be used to develop corrosion mitigation practices like corrosion inhibitors and resistant coatings.

Watch our webinar to hear Larry Tucker, Director of Norms and Standards at Metrohm USA, summarize our broad industry perspective on corrosion monitoring, prevention and mitigation. Dr. Julia van Drunen, Area Marketing and Sales Manager at Metrohm Autolab, will discuss the application of electrochemical methods used to measure and monitor different types of corrosion.

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