New, Safer Automated Analysis of Ethylene Oxide

Ethylene oxide (EO) continues to gain importance as an intermediary in several consumer and industrial products like ethylene glycols, soaps, detergents and sterilization products. Limiting water content in EO ensures high product quality while also protecting against corrosion of manufacturing systems.

In this webinar, chemical industry expert Michael Hamilton, Research Chemist at Sasol, will describe his experience using a KF Gas analyzer and the results Sasol has been able to obtain. Michael will describe the impact that accurately analyzing <100 ppm moisture on EO has on product quality and how automating the analysis increases lab safety.

Watch this webinar to learn about a safer, more accurate way to test EO for moisture using the Karl Fischer gas analysis technique. At the end of the webinar, Kerri-Ann Blake, Titration Product Specialist, will review why Karl Fischer titration is the best approach for EO and present details on how this analyzer is able to handle challenging samples.

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