Online Corrosion Analysis: A Multi-Parameter Approach to Corrosion Monitoring

Most companies use water as a part of their manufacturing process. However, many of them are not aware of the negative impact corrosion has on their plant infrastructure and very few have the right corrosion monitoring or corrosion control program in place. Those that do have a corrosion monitoring program often make the mistake of relying on single parameter analyses such as pH or Brix to control the impact of corrosion-related costs, but this primitive approach does not give a complete corrosion profile. Limited information forces the plant to be reactive to an incomplete corrosion assessment and limits the ability to proactively address and control the impact of corrosion.

In this webinar, corrosion expert Wade Rholand, Vice President at Zerust Industrial Products Development, will describe his experience with corrosion monitoring and share the effects of poor monitoring with respect to machining fluids. Wade will talk about the danger of only measuring single parameters to monitor corrosion and the impact this can have on a company’s bottom line.

Kraig Kmiotek, Product Specialist Process Analytics at Metrohm USA, will then share how implementing on-line process analysis techniques can improve your corrosion profile, allow for proactive intervention and increase the robustness of your corrosion management system.

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