Peace-of-Mind with Secure Data Management

Over the last two and a half years, we’ve all had to learn to communicate and work in new ways. With the help of technology, we’ve connected with colleagues across the globe in ways we never thought possible.  The ability to work remotely has ensured continued quality management of products consumed daily. For an analytical chemist or lab manager, quality management may include reviewing and approving data from the safety of your office whether in the lab or at home. No matter where the data is reviewed, completeness, accuracy and traceability must be maintained. This can be accomplished with a secure and efficient software platform. 
In this webinar, Kerri-Ann Blake, Product Manager for Titration, and Daniel Schmidt, IT Systems Engineer, will introduce you to the OMNIS data management platform. They will discuss how you can securely implement the software, review and sign data. You’ll learn how to track it all via audit trail from anywhere in the world - giving you peace-of-mind that all your data is being kept safe.

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