Performing Accurate Chloride and Basic Nitrogen Titrations in Various Hydrocarbons

Petroleum raw materials, precursors and methanol products are difficult to titrate, and they require the right solvents, non-aqueous titrants and special electrodes to get accurate results. While much attention is typically given to TAN and TBN analysis, non-aqueous chloride titration and basic nitrogen are equally critical and challenging tests to ensure quality and efficacy of these important hydrocarbon products.  

Learn how to implement and optimize the IMPCA-002 method for chlorides in methanol and UOP 269 basic nitrogen method presented by Sagar Irrinki, Quality Control Manager at Coastal Gulf & International, Inc. Sagar shares how his laboratory navigates executing these tests on various types of petrochemical samples. Kerri-Ann Blake, Product Manager for Titration at Metrohm USA, provides guidance for electrode selection and best practices for electrode care and replacement. 

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