Raman Spectroscopy Simplified - From Research to Quality Control

Raman spectroscopy is a powerful tool that delivers insights into reaction dynamics, blending and other processes. However, it is an under-utilized tool in industries like chemical, personal care, petrochem and even pharma, to a degree. Raman spectroscopy not only complements FTIR, which is used every day in labs around the world but also provides similar qualitative and quantitative chemical information while having the advantage of being easier to use. Modern Raman instruments can be as simple to start up and interpret as FTIR systems and are easier to integrate into production or in situ experiments.

In this webinar, Dr. Adam J. Hopkins and Elena Hagemann demonstrate the utility of Raman spectroscopy for both quantitative and qualitative applications. They look into case studies for isomerization monitoring, carbon analysis and quantification of chemical systems. These studies show how Raman spectroscopy has evolved from something that requires great effort and expense to something small, simple and cost-effective.

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