Raw Material Control Strategy: New Technologies for Rapid, Robust Release Methods

In drug development and manufacturing, raw material variability presents risks to the success of both the final product and the process. Changes in raw materials can adversely impact product quality and manufacturing yield, even if they are within specification. Implementing a robust and reliable analytical method for raw material characterization improves manufacturing process control, manufacturing efficiency, and final product safety.

Many raw materials used in biopharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals are challenging to measure with handheld Raman spectroscopy due to natural product variability and fluorescence. This informational webinar will present case studies demonstrating the actual measurement challenges these samples present and how new measurement technologies enable measurements that were not previously possible. Dr. Katherine A. Bakeev, Director of Market and Customer Development for B&W Tek, and Dr. Adam J. Hopkins, Spectroscopy Product Manager at Metrohm USA, will discuss how new handheld Raman technologies make reliable raw material quality control faster and easier.

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