Reducing Process Downtime with Online Spectroscopy

Transitioning to industry 4.0, complying with FDA cGMP requirements, or implementing a real-time release strategy all require some form of process analytical technology (PAT). PAT can be implemented in principle through the application of laboratory measurements that link results to process parameters. However, manual sampling and long analysis times cause outdated or incomplete information that may result in incorrect process adjustments.

Process near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy allows the measurement of critical quality attributes at the point of generation, in real-time, for applications from base chemical production and polymer manufacturing to steroid production. While Process NIR spectroscopy provides process engineers with deeper insights to improve process control, implementation can be challenging.

During this webinar, hear experts Dr. Stacey Carrier and Dr. Adam Hopkins as they discuss best practices for implementing online spectroscopy. Stacey and Adam use application case studies and innovative technologies that overcome the challenges associated with implementing and maintaining a NIR spectrometer. Stay tuned until the end to listen in on the Q&A session as audience questions were answered by our experts. 

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