Scaling Spectroscopic Laboratory Innovations to Industrial Processes


Process Analytical Technology (PAT) goes beyond the scope of online analysis for full-scale production. It serves as a versatile tool that can be utilized for applications throughout the entire product lifecycle, from initial research and development stages to scale-up and eventual manufacturing. Integrating Raman and NIR spectroscopic techniques into the research lab, quality lab, or production line allows companies to obtain instant feedback on critical process parameters, enabling proactive adjustments to ensure consistent product quality.

Dr. Adam Hopkins, Product Manager for Laboratory Spectroscopy, and Elena Hagemann, Product Manager for Process Spectroscopy, at Metrohm USA, will provide valuable insights for successful measurement technology adoption, specifically focusing on the seamless transition from research and development to full-scale production. By leveraging spectroscopic PAT, including Raman and NIR spectroscopy, companies can streamline their processes and ensure a smooth and efficient journey from the initial concept to market-ready products.



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