Secrets to Enabling the Digital Transformation of Parts Cleaning

The majority of finishers state that they believe parts cleaning helps optimize quality, productivity and profitability. Yet, despite uniform beliefs and claims from finishers about their cleaning process, differences in quality yield persist. Improper cleaning of finished metal parts leads to increased operational costs due to reworks, downstream contamination, customer rejections and process downtime.

Implementing analytical testing of the cleaning/pretreatment baths will result in higher quality yield, but these analyses are often labor-intensive manual methods. By implementing Process Analytical Technology (PAT), these tests are automated to improve quality without compromising productivity and profitability.

During this webinar, Steve Kline, Chief Data Officer at Gardner Business Media, Inc., discusses the consequences and costs of poor pretreatment/cleaning processes. Kraig Kmiotek demonstrates how process analyzers provide the technology, data and process optimization insight to enable digital transformation in the surface finishing industry.

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