Simplified Workflow for Chemical Analysis Solutions for Trace Level Ion Analysis in Pure Chemicals

High purity chemicals are widely used in most industries for new product R&D and manufacturing. From creating novel compounds to quality control testing on final products, high-purity chemicals play a critical role throughout a product’s lifecycle.

Monitoring and controlling the level of impurities in these chemical products is critical. However, testing for impurities in fine chemicals, high purity solvents and peroxides can be challenging due to the low detection limits required to make these products commercially viable.

In this educational webinar, Dr. Larry Tucker, Director of Norms and Standards, and Dr. Jay Gandhi, Sr. Market Development Scientist at Metrohm USA, will discuss the different ways in which ion chromatography, when used with unique sample preparation and liquid handling techniques, can be used to accurately measure trace levels of anions and cations in different matrices.

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