Slashing Inefficiencies in Consumer Product Manufacturing with NIR Spectroscopy

Consumer products are complex mixtures that rely on careful formulations and precision chemistry to deliver the desired properties. These properties can be chemical, such as the peroxide content of an oxidizer, physical, such as polymer viscosity or fungible, such as the reserve acidity of a mixture. Measuring these and other types of properties typically requires a fleet of instrumentation and is often limited to raw material input and final product testing. These testing throughput limits place a high burden on the analytical lab, making product improvement difficult. Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) is a laboratory tool that can relieve the throughput limitation and be deployed to multiple products and problems at the same time.

In this webinar, Alex Mattingly, Product Specialist at Chemlink Laboratories, explains how he uses NIR to address manufacturing challenges and increase production efficiency. He also shows how he implemented NIR and developed the analytical methods to replace complex wet-chemical assays. Elena Hagemann, Metrohm USA Spectroscopy Applications Scientist, gives an overview of NIR spectroscopy and explains how the fundamentals of this technique make it well-suited for formulated products.

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