Solutions for Advanced Electrocatalysis Research & Applications

Electrocatalysis is a truly interdisciplinary field of study crossing boundaries between electrochemistry, materials science, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, and chemical engineering. Electrocatalysis plays an important role in developing novel industrial applications including CO2 reduction, organic synthesis, hydrogen adsorption, photochemistry and a wide variety of sensors such as biosensors, gas and alcohol sensors. These efforts require advanced instrumentation, techniques, and electrode composites to design the lowest-cost materials that give the best possible catalytic performance.

In this webinar, Dr. Pietro Papa Lopes from Argonne National Laboratory will present electrocatalysis applications that help drive the design of new materials required for next-generation energy conversion and storage devices with special emphasis on the relationship of activity and stability.

Dr. Julia van Drunen, Area Manager at Metrohm Autolab, will share insights into recent advances in instrumentation and software. Learn how these advances enhance automation and about new accessories for advanced electrocatalysis research.  

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