Spectroelectrochemistry: A powerful combination of two fundamental analytical techniques

Spectroelectrochemistry (SEC) combines two powerful analytical tools, spectroscopy and electrochemistry, to provide greater insight. SEC allows you to observe changes in a molecular spectroscopy profile while oxidation states are changed electrochemically. This versatile and comprehensive analytical technique can be applied to many applications ranging from sensor development to battery materials research. New technology developments have expanded the capabilities of SEC, allowing for a tighter integration of electrochemistry and spectroscopy.

During this webinar, Dr. Paul Bohn, the Arthur J. Schmitt Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Director of Advanced Diagnostics & Therapeutics at The University of Notre Dame, discusses how to couple electron transfer events with spectroscopic profile changes for high sensitivity measurements. Dr. David Ibañez, SEC Product Specialist at Metrohm DropSens, then discusses electrochemical and spectroscopic measurements possible with SEC.

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