Trash or Treasure: Optimizing Titration Electrodes and Consumables

Everyone that uses titration in their lab knows how simple and fast the technique can be.  However, uncertainty around when to replace electrodes creates confusion. Reagent quality, tubing connections and sample matrix can cause symptoms that mimic an expiring electrode. Understanding these influences and the proper maintenance of your electrode improves lab operations and increases confidence in your results.

Attend this webinar and gain the knowledge to confidently evaluate your system and decide with certainty when to replace the electrode.  Hear from Jessica McVay, Technical Support Specialist at Metrohm USA, on her top 5 simple ways to know when to replace your electrode and Lori Spafford, Product Manager at Metrohm USA, on how you can responsibly dispose of your retired electrodes.

Knowing exactly when to replace your electrode ensures accurate results without the fear of wasting valuable lab time and resources. 

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