Update Your Pharma Analysis or be Left in the Dust

In the pharmaceutical industry, speed and accuracy are necessary to stay ahead of the competition, yet many labs still use outdated wet chemistry methods. These techniques do not provide the specificity, sensitivity or ability to analyze multiple analytes at once. To address the issue of outdated technology, the United States Pharmacopeia has supported updating monographs to replace the wet chemistry methods with selective and sensitive methodologies. Ion chromatography (IC) is an established analytical tool for the analysis of ionic concentration in a variety of solid and liquid samples. Many times IC is faster, easier to implement, and offers significant advantages over outdated wet chemical methods.

In this webinar, Dr. Shibu Paul, Ion Chromatography Product Specialist at Metrohm USA, presents recently validated ion chromatography methods for assay of various forms of potassium and calcium and the associated impurities. He will also discuss a new method to address the challenges associated with magnesium assays in various magnesium-based OTC products.

Following Shibu’s presentation, Linx Waclaski, Ion Chromatography Product Manager at Metrohm USA, goes over specific sample preparation techniques that help overcome difficult sample matrices. He demonstrates how Metrohm automates sample preparation, offering significant throughput advantages. 

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